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Learning about Black Garlic

Black garlic is all the rage right now. I have been lucky enough to ferment my very own batch and explore cooking with it.

Homemade oatmeal cream pie cookies

A friend shared a link to a recipe for this and I had to just try this. It's funny - I walk past Little Debbie oatmeal cream cookies in the grocery store and I've never been tempted to buy one - but the idea of making my own version of them seemed irresistable.  This...

Lemon Garlic Shrimp Pasta

This lemon garlic shrimp pasta dish is a staple in my household. It’s quick and easy to make but full of flavor. If you have some lemons, garlic, and parsley – you have most of what you need to make a really delicious pasta dish!

My Basic Meat Curry Recipe

Here's my meat curry recipe! I did it with beef this time but you can use lamb, chicken or goat - they will all work. I'm always very liberal with the amount of curry powder I'm using - especially if it isn't terribly hot. You can explore with different powders  and...

Roasted Sweet Corn (Old Bay Style)

A quick and easy way to make roasted sweet corn on the grill absolutely delicious. This works with gas and charcoal grills. Required Tools Microwave safe bowl ( small ) 1 gallon ziploc bag or 1 large bowl Tongs for handling the corn a teaspoon measure 1 measuring cup...