So before I get started … if you’re wondering what’s up with that beach picture? That’s Big Bay in Cape Town, South Africa. One of my stomping grounds. I absolutely love visiting there. In a lot of ways … it’s home!

So yeah … Hey – I’m Kat

Nice to meet you!

Let me start with – it’s actually pretty cool that you’ve come by to check me out! This website is a piece of a much bigger journey that sort of unfolded on its own. Several years ago – I decided not to make work the #1 priority in my life. I decided to dedicate time to things I genuinely enjoy. Since I’ve always loved cooking – since the age of 10 I think – I got this grand idea – why not cook everything I’ve ever wanted to.

So I did… I promised myself that I would do this for fun. I would only ever do it when I felt like doing it. This isn’t routine cook dinner for the family cooking adventures – this is I’ve never made a croquette – let’s try one today cooking. This is – I just saw an amazing recipe – I’m on it tonight cooking. I want to be clear – this is a hobby – my hobby. I do it only when I feel like it – and I’m adamant not to turn this into another work project. Now all of that said – let me tell you a bit about me!


Yep – That’s Me!

I wear a lot of hats. First and foremost – I’m a mother of two amazing fierce little kids. I’m already strong willed – so I’ve spawned some seriously strong willed children. It’s actually quite amazing to see them come into their own. Secondly – I’m a wife. My husband Peter has been my closest friend, my partner in life, and a huge part of my drive for all that I do.  I’ve also got 2 fur babies (cats) that have been with me forever – they even moved to South Africa and back with us – but that’s another story for another day!

Now onto what I do…

I’m a techie – well a web techie. For about 14 years now I’ve been building web based solutions for all sorts of things. I do this as a consultant, I do this as a personal thing, I do this as a business, etc. I own a SharePoint / Web Content Management / BI firm, an online logo business, a web hosting and development shop (WordPress), and I’m a part owner in a public health research IT firm based out of Cape Town. I run a FaceBook group called the Tech Connect – and we basically help online business owners get the web technology working for their business.


Beyond all that work stuff …

I love to travel internationally, I love South African wines …. which reminds me – did I mention I’m from there too? I’m currently living in the USA – but you can find me in Cape Town quite a bit! Ok – back to stuff I like…. I love visiting wine farms in SA, I like to run when life affords me the time to do so. I also have a very soft spot in my heart for Final Fantasy – I played FFXI for 7 straight years. I do enjoy MMORPGs but I haven’t had nearly enough time to do so lately. That’s something I plan to rectify too. I’m addicted to seafood – in fact pretty much if it swims – it’s fair game. I love braaing – preferably with meat grilled over actual firewood – but I’ll happily put a langoustine or lobster tail over some burning wood any day! So you get the idea – techie chick, loves seafood, loves to BBQ, and loves getting on planes ….. and when time permits – loves exploring in the kitchen!

What’s the point of all of this?

Plain and simple – I want to live a life where eating like this is normal – not something we have to go out to do. I want to eat things like this – not packaged, not processed, not full of all sorts of stuff – but made from scratch just the way we want it. I want my kids to know what real food…. good food really is – and to be able to tell the difference. So if they want that fast food burger – that’s fine – but they will never mistake it for the real thing.