I’ve discovered over the years that you can make some killer pasta dishes by infusing flavors and properly coating the pasta – instead of covering it with sauce. This method is pretty flexible and works with tons of flavor profiles. Today I chose to do it with Polish Kielbasa. I find that if it’s sliced and seared a bit separately, it works well with the other ingredients when you add it back in. This was done by first doing the sausage then setting it aside. Then I thinly sliced onions and caramelized them. Then I thinly sliced sweet peppers. I salted for taste and then added them all back. I added angelhair pasta to the pan and added fresh basil , minced parsley and lemon thyme. I mixed well then chose to garnish with parmesan cheese and sliced Thai chilis. I find the little bits of heat against these dishes works great. Also by not adding the peppers in earlier, the heat is not overpowering.