I recently joined a foodie group that was ALL about the Black Garlic. I was lucky enough to have someone loan me a fermenter so I could make my own black garlic. If you haven’t tried this – it’s definitely an exotic treat. It’s basically garlic that has been fermented for 12 days or so. There are a bunch of different methods for doing it and it can take as long as 30 days to make.

The result is a chewy, sticky ,nutty tasting, slightly sweet , almost pungent garlic that doesn’t stink as much as regular garlic. It’s also not nearly as acidic as regular garlic. I’ve been experimenting with it – and I definitely like the taste. So far I’ve made a black garlic pasta and also used it as a paste for a steak for seasoning. I’ll be posting more about things I make with this.

Here are a few pics from my exploration with black garlic :

This is what the garlic looks like when it’s peeled: 

It’s really sticky so it’s not the easiest thing to mince.

When I tried it on the steak – I minced it as fine as I could and then smeared it like a paste on the steak before grilling: