I saw a video of Gordon Ramsay doing a basic stir fry – so I felt like trying one myself. This was a basic shrimp stir fry. There were a few variations I made – as the basic recipe only used soy sauce ( and that just sounded so bland ). I added some sesame oil and a tiny bit of hoisin as well.


I started with some basic fresh ingredients. I decided to do mine with fresh garlic, ginger, brocolli and carrots

I started by frying my garlic in a combination of oil and sesame oil. Once the farlic was cooked a bit – I threw in the fresh ginger. So as I’ve been experimenting – I may lower the temperature that I do this at in the future. I had to move quick to make sure my garlic didn’t burn.

So the first thing I realized was that when you do this – the time it takes to cook the vegetables and the time to cook the shrimp were in conflict. I had to fry the shrimp on their own and then pull them off, and fry the vegetables afterwards – and then finally add everything.

I made sure not to overcook the shrimp since I knew they would go back to the heat again at the end.

After cooking the shrimp – I pulled them off and fried the veggies in sesame oil. Then I added everything back together again.

I chose to pull the veggies out and do the eggs separate. I basically made scrambled eggs in the sesame oil. Then I threw everything back in – I threw some soy sauce in and then added the rice noodles and fried a little bit more. I think the next time I try this – I may try a fried rice . Ultimately this came out pretty good but I feel like I should try more creative ingredients next time.