I got the inspiration for this Patron cocktail from a restaurant I went to with my husband. I never realized blueberries and basil worked so well together as a cocktail. I immediately went home and go to work replicating this for myself. This drink requires plenty of fresh blueberries and fresh basil. I’ll be very honest – you cannot have too much blueberry OR basil in this drink. I don’t speify how much Patron you need – because it’s really up to you. You can get away with a cup worth or more. Either way – it gets diluted further when you mix the San Pellegrino.


Finally if you want to make this really refreshing – freeze this mix. Then scoop 1 ice cream scoop worth into your glass and pour the San Pellegrino over it. You’ll get little balls of blueberry basil alcohol with each sip! It’s a beautiful thing!

Tools Required

You will need a blender to make this cocktail


Step 1 – Add the blue berries to the blender

Step 2 – Add the limeade

minutemaid limeade

Step 3  – Add the Raspberry Sorbet

talenti raspberry Blue berry cocktail blender blueberry cocktail blender top view

Step 4 – Chop the basil and add to the blender

basil chopped basil basil in blender from top

Step 5 -Add the Patron ( as much as you like )


mixed cocktail with berries

Step 6 – Pulse on the blender until well mixed ( you do not need to pulverize it )

 blended cocktail from top  blended drink ready to mix - patron cocktail

Step 7 – Enjoy!  You can serve this mixed with a can of the San Pellegrino OR you can freeze this mix and scoop it into a glass, and then mix with the San Pellegrino.

san pellegrino limonata


‎patron‬ as much as you like
blueberries‬ – 1 large pack
basil – 5 leaves‬
‎RaspberrySorbet‬ – 3 table spoons
Limeade‬ concentrate – 3/4 can minutemaid brand
‎SanPellegrino‬ (limonata) – 1 can served with each drink

Have fun with this Patron Cocktail.