So I have to be honest – I’m not a big breakfast person – however I saw an article that had a picture of an award-winning breakfast sandwich and I absolutely had to try making one. I decided to do mine with smoked salmon in the egg. After dropping off my kid at daycare, I got the raving for a good breakfast. This was all fine and dandy except I realized that none of the local breakfast spots would do justice to the craving. I stopped by the grocery store, picked up a few things and decided to embark on this breakfast cooking adventure.


You will need 3 frying pans, a mixing bowl and a whisk for this dish.

  1. Make sure you start with 2 fresh croissants. You can use a bread knife to cut them open like a sandwich. Set them aside.
  2. Put your 4 eggs in a bowl, add your milk , add your black pepper and add your salt. Beat the eggs by hand with the whisk until well mixed.
    Eggs mixed together
  3. Cut your smoked salmon into slices.
    smoked salmon sliced
  4. Cut your parsley into pieces small enough to use as a garnish and set aside
  5. Clean your button mushrooms and set aside
    button mushrooms
  6. Shave your cheese until you have about 2 teaspoons.
  7. Heat your 3 frying pans. Add a pat of butter to 2 of the pans but not to the one for the bacon.
  8. Once heated, add your bacon rashers to one pan and begin cooking them. Cook them until they are crispy on both sides.
  9. Add your mixed eggs to the second pan and cook them halfway through. I did mine similar to scrambled eggs. Once the eggs are half way, add your salmon and continue to scramble. I should note – I scramble gently with a spatula. You want them to still hold together.
  10. Add your button mushrooms to the third pan and add salt & black pepper to taste
  11. When your bacon is done, wrap them in a paper towel to remove any extra grease and set aside.
  12. When your mushrooms are done – simply remove them from heat and set aside.
  13. When your eggs are done, put half of the scramble mix inside of each croissant
    Eggs added
  14. Lay 2 pieces of bacon on each sandwich
    bacon added to sandwich
  15. Sprinkle your shaved cheese over the bacon
    cheese added
  16. Add your parsley garnish and your sandwich is complete.
    sandwich assembled
  17. Serve with extra rashers of bacon on the side and the button mushrooms.
    sandwich completeSandwich doneSandwich done