Hey – I love my curries! I also love my seafood – so I’m always exploring with curries that have different shellfish as well as regular fish. This was my stab at doing a curry with coconut milk that also included shrimp and cob. You can also add mixed veggies in this recipe if you want …


Tools :

  1. 1 large saucepan
  2. 1 cutting board
  3. 1 chef knife
  4. several small bowls to hold ingredients

Instructions :

  1. Cut your onion into rings
  2. Separate your basil into individual leaves
  3. Chop your cilantro coarsely
  4. Add your olive oil to your saucepan and heat
  5. Add your onions
    onions in pan
  6. Cut your cob into large cubes
    cob cut
  7. Once your onions begin to caramelize, add your tomatoes and curry powder
  8. Cook until the tomatoes are half cooked down ( about 15 minutes on med / high heat) tomatoes
  9. Add your salt
  10. Add your carrots
  11. Add your coconut milk
  12. Add your peas
  13. Mix well
  14. Add your fish and shrimp
    fish and shrimp
  15. Mix gently
  16. Lay your basil and cilantro on top and cover the saucepan basil and cilantro on top
  17. Let this cook for another 15 minutes
  18. Mix well and let simmer for another 10 minutes
    Shrimp and fish curry mixed
  19. Serve with cooked rice
    Shrimp and fish curry - img_490216
    Shrimp and fish curry - img_490317
    Shrimp and fish curry - img_490418