I got inspired to make this salad after I picked up the store-bought version at Woolies out here. Unfortunately the Woolies version was drowning in Caesar dressing so it just felt like too heavy of a dish. That being said, all the right pieces were there and I was convinced that if the ratios were just different, this caesar pasta salad could be epic. I also added chicken to mine, but this would work without just as easily. I should note – although this is a “salad” this could serve as a stand alone meal.


Tools :

  1. 1 large pot ( for boiling pasta)
  2. 1 cutting board
  3. 1 large knife
  4. 2 large bowls
  5. 2 large forks for tossing salad
  6. 1 colander

Instructions :

  1. If you haven’t already – go ahead and boil your farfalle pasta.
  2. As soon as it is cooked, rinse it under cold water and set aside in a large bowl.
    Rinsed Pasta
    Pasta in Bowl
  3. Sprinkle 1/2 your black pepper over the pasta
    sprinkled black pepper
  4. Sprinkle your salt over the pasta
  5. Sprinkle your 1/2 caesar dressing over the pasta (2 tablespoons)
    Ceasar Dressing
    Added Dressing
  6. Mix well
  7. Add in your cherry tomatoes
    cherry tomatoes
  8. Add in your basil leaves ( separated)
    Basil Leaves
  9. Add in 1 1/2 cups of baby spinach
    baby spinach
  10. Shred your rotisserie chicken and add
    Chicken Added
  11. Take your fresh mozzarella and slice it into discs
    mozzarella discs
  12. Add your mozzarella
    added more cheese
  13. Sprinkle the other half of your black pepper into the bowl and the other half of your dressing
    dressing round 2
  14. Toss with 2 forks
  15. Sprinkle your parsley on top
    Sprinkle parsley
  16. Toss with 2 forks
  17. Sprinkle your red wine vinegar over the salad while tossing
    red wine vinegar
  18. You can chill this further if you want or serve immediately. I liked it better cold.
    Caesar Chicken Salad
    Caesar Chicken Salad