It’s no secret – I’m a carnivore. I simply love steak. I love good steak and am willing to pay for it. However, that can become an expensive habit, so I started googling how you age steaks at home. In general the rules were pretty simple – you cannot age a steak at home safely without either purchasing serious equipment or running the risk of getting sick. I did come across some guides on how to age your steak at home. The rule of thumb is a maximum of 4 days at home in your fridge. Here’s what happened when we decided to make our own aged steak


Before I start let me just say that all great steaks go with a good cut of meat. I learned a long time ago that the word Angus has nothing to do with the quality of your meat. Instead aim for words like Prime and dry aged. I’m also a fan of dry aged steak. Strangely that’s a bit hard to find in South Africa. Everything here is wet aged. So the pictures here are from us dry aging a 21 day wet-aged steak. Talk to your butcher and see if you can get a good cut of meat. I prefer rib eyes for this. Whatever you get, make sure it has decent marbling. You don’t want a lean steak for this endeavor.


  1. 1 wood burning / charcoal grill
  2. Large Cast Iron Skillet
  3. Large fork for turning your steak
  4. Cheesecloth
  5. An open rack in your fridge
  6. A cookie drying rack
  7. A dish to catch any drippings

Aging your steak

  1. Start by setting your fridge to 1 degree celsius. You’ll want to keep things as cool as possible – especially since you’re putting meat in there for some days!
  2. Take your steaks and wrap them 2 – 3 times in cheesecloth.
  3. The cheesecloth is going to help suck out the moisture from the meat while it softens. This will intensify the taste.
  4. Place them on a rack in your fridge and place a dish underneath to catch any drippings
    Steaks in Fridge
  5. Let them sit there for 4 days in the fridge
  6. Do your best to avoid opening your fridge unecessarily.

Grilling your steak

  1. This grilling technique works fine with charcoal, wood or gas. It’s really up to you.
  2. Sprinkle the salt and pepper over your steaks on the front and back
  3. What’s critical here is that you use a cast iron skillet. It will distribute the heat evenly and give you nice caramelization on your meat.
    Steak on Grill
  4. I eat my steaks medium rare – but it’s up to you. Grill for a few minutes ( or more per side) based on how done you like your meat.
  5. When you’re done you should have a yummy steak that looks like this :
    Home Aged Steak