We grill plenty of seafood, so when we had some tails left over – we decided to make a lobster omlette with some of our leftover lobster tails. Note – this recipe is for leftover lobsters. I think it’s a bit overkill to grill lobsters just to make this dish. Therefore I haven’t put lobster grilling instructions here.



  1. 1 small bowl
  2. 1 whisk
  3. 1 frying pan
  4. 1 spatula


  1. Crack your eggs into a bowl
  2. Add salt and black pepper
  3. Add milk
  4. Whisk until just blended
  5. Slice your grilled lobster tails
  6. Heat your pan (medium heat) and add the pat of butter
  7. When the butter sizzles, pour the egg mixture into the pan
  8. Let it cook until you see large sort of bubbles forming.
  9. Add the lobster and cheese on one side
    Adding lobster and cheese
  10. Continue to let it cook. You can use your spatula to check if your omlette is strong enough to hold for a flip
  11. When ready – use your spatula to flip one half of the omlette over.
    Folded Omlette
  12. Let it cook for 2 – 3 minutes , pressing the top periodically as you wait
  13. Then flip the omlette gently and repeat
    lobster omlette - second flip
  14. As soon as your cheese is melted inside it’s ready to serve.
    Cooked Lobster Omlette