This is a very easy decadent dessert to make. It includes bourbon, pineapples, lime, and vanilla ice cream! It’s an easy way to get an awesome dessert without slaving over it. Although very easy and hard to mess up, there are several steps involved with this. It’s a fun recipe to make, and I suggest incorporating it into a bbq ( or braai for my South African friends). That way you can delegate the grilling of the bourbon pineapples to the designated grill master! Oh and note – this is not a kid friendly recipe.



  1. 1 gallon sized zip-top bag
  2. 1 cutting board
  3. 1 knife
  4. 1 small saucepan (for your reduction)
  5. A grill
  6. 1 ice cream scoop


  1. Cut and core your pineapple ( if your’e feeling lazy – you can always buy it this way from the grocery store)
  2.  Add that to your zip top bag
  3. Halve your limes and squeeze the juice into the bag as well
  4. Sprinkle your cinnamon in the bag
  5. Add your bourbon (let this sit for about 20 minutes in the fridge)

Note – my husband was kind enough to tag team this recipe with me – so he grilled the pineapples while I was making the reduction. If you’re unable to get someone to grill these for you – make the reduction first.

Making Your Reduction

  1. Pour the bourbon mixture (excluding the pineapples) from the bag into the saucepan
  2. Put the pan on medium heat
  3. Add the sugar
  4. Stir constantly until it comes to a boil
  5. Let it cook until it reduces to a light syrup. You’ll know it’s reduced properly when it starts to stick to your spoon a bit. The goal is for it to be slightly sticky not thick.
  6. This process can take up to 20 minutes

Grilling Your Pineapples

  1. Place your pineapples on the grill
  2. Grill them for at least 5 minutes per side. You want to get some light char lines, but do not blacken your pineapples. They will start to look a little less opaque when they are ready. They should not be grilled until they are mushy.

When they are done, serve with 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzle your reduction over the ice cream and pineapples. You shouldn’t need more than a tablespoon of reduction sauce per serving. Note if your reduction turns hard when you put it on your ice cream, you’ve reduced it too much.

Bourbon Grilled Pineapples with Ice Cream